11 Fantastic Ways Cotton Swabs Can Be Your Beauty Savior

11 Fantastic Ways Cotton Swabs Can Be Your Beauty Savior
11 Fantastic Ways Cotton Swabs Can Be Your Beauty Savior

What can you think when you find cotton swabs. Instantly, the use of cotton swabs to clean ears comes in mind. But surprisingly, cotton swabs have much more use besides cleaning ears only. You will be astonished to find out the various utilities of cotton swabs for enhancing your beauty.

Here are 11 fantastic ways cotton swabs can be your beauty savior:

1. Hair roots touch up

The tresses of hair can be more beautiful and gorgeous when the q-tips of the cotton swab dipped in the eye-shadow is touched and run over the roots of the hair. The touch up covers the regrowth and brings that extra beauty to hair.

2. Removing extra nail polish

After applying the nail polish in the nails at times there are extra deposits on the side of the nails. This nail polish around the skin layer of the nails can be removed by the q-tips of cotton swabs gently.

3. Extra Mascara cleaning

The mascara which gives extra shine and look to your eyes can at times be thicker or appear as dots. The extra amount can be cleaned gently with the q-tips of the cotton swab and your eyes will look perfect and dynamic now.

4. As a perfume

The q-tips can be dipped inside your favorite perfume bottle and kept inside a plastic bag inside your purse. The q-tips can be run over the wrist or handkerchief to enjoy the fragrance and perfume in the crowded places.

5. Curly eyelashes

The mascara applied in the eyes can be made extra curly and longer with the use of the q-tips cotton swab. The q-tips if hold on the eyelashes till it dries up will bring that prefect curl in the eyelashes and you are ready.

6. Used as glue for applying false eyelashes:

The false eyelashes can be applied smoothly and perfectly by applying the glue with the q-tip and applying it give that curly, long and fluttering eyelashes. Fixing of the eyelashes with the clean swab instead of using finger will get into the natural eyelashes and make it tight.

7. Smoky eyes quickly

The q-tip of cotton swab when loosened and run over eye shadow and applied along the eye lashes bases and also over the eye crease will produce the perfect smoky eyes all in all.

8. Pimples getting rid

Pimples make your face look really odd, and you feel ashamed of even going out. Washing face with lukewarm water wiping with towel will make your skin soft and supple. The two tip of the cotton swab can be pressed to take out the content of the pimple easily.

9. Classic winged eyeliner

The cotton swab helps in reshaping, lifting and elongating the eyes to its dynamic finish and gives that Bollywood look with softening edge.

10. Perfect finish of the lips

The q-tips of the cotton swab can be used after applying the lip gloss or the lipstick and clean that extra paint and coat to give that perfect finish to your lips.

11. Extra makeup cleaning

Cotton swab is amazing to be used for cleaning the eye makeup like glitters, or extra deposition or eye-liners to give you that perfect face and attractive eyes.

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