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11 Surprising Benefits of Poppy Seeds – Health, Beauty & Fitness

Benefits of Poppy Seeds
Benefits of Poppy Seeds

These black seeds are rich in dietary fiber and fat. These seeds play a key role in maintaining general wellness. These are commonly used to add taste to cereal or for salad dressing. Rarely people know, poppy seeds are known to offer health, beauty & fitness benefits.

11 Surprising Benefits Of Poppy Seeds:

  1. Poppy seeds are efficient in quenching hunger. It is also good for curing fever, swelling, bowel problems and irritation of the stomach.
  2. These seeds are one of the necessary ingredients in many cooling medicines.
  3. Poppy seeds act as a supply of your daily dose of nutrients like iodine, manganese, zinc oxide, mineral magnesium and mineral.
  4. The oil from Poppy seeds plant is useful for carcinoma as it contains monounsaturated body fat. Hence, it is good to maintain fitness.
  5. Poppy seeds add taste and texture to bread. Not just breads, but to cookies, cupcakes, desserts and other foods too.
  6. As an Ayurvedic medicine, these plant seeds are sometimes based into an insert with dairy to create a skin-renewing moisturizer.
  7. Poppy seeds are an excellent source of unsaturated body fat as well as nutrients like calcium, zinc oxide and mineral magnesium which contribute to healthier hair.
  8. These are an excellent Moisturizer. Henceforth, a paste made from Poppy seeds serves as an excellent moisturizer. It blesses you with sleek and soft skin.
  9. Poppy seeds also are used as good drugs to treat pain-related conditions. Therefore, they’re utilized for respiratory problems, diarrhea, and insomnia.
  10. Poppy seeds relatively contain a lower quantity of alkaloids. Thus, are used in the treatment of various nerve problems.
  11. Also, Poppy seeds are efficient for acne due to their high content of linolenic acid.
  12. It also serves as an efficiently prescribed analgesic. This is because it relieves the pain caused by skin swelling.

Wow! Even we didn’t knew how beneficial these poppy seeds are for us. Do share this information with the ones you care.

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