12 Things That Every Girl Must Have In Her Bag

Things That Every Girl Must Have In Her Bag
Things That Every Girl Must Have In Her Bag

We girls love to carry bags. We carry our whole world in our small bag. And for me, keeping bag with me is like an addiction. After shoes, buying bags is my second passion or call it an addiction. 😡  I love how interesting things tumble out of my bag when I clean it up at the end of the month (sometimes, end of the week).

For me, writing this post was really an interesting task. You see, I just had to pick up my handbag and dig the things out to create a list of important things that one must have in her bag.

Basic things like money, ATM card (credit etc.), keys, Driving License, mobile phones, headphones, sunglasses etc. are kept by everyone.

Things That Every Girl Must Have In Her Bag

But there are some more important things that one must have in her bag every time she steps out of her home.

So, without wasting much time… here’s the list of must have things to keep in your handbag!!

#1– Pen and Diary:

Your need to keep a big diary with you. Just pick up the small stick note or post it pack and keep it with you. It is not possible to write everything in your phone. You should have a small memo and a pen in your bag.

#2– Hand Sanitizer:

Hand sanitizer is something that is must!! Environment is so polluted out there, many germs play around us. So, in order to stay away from these germie-germs =:), keep a hand sanitizer and use it before eating anything.

#3– Pepper Spray:

It is easily available in the stores now. Women are not safe and everyone has to accept this. Pepper spray is really a good thing for self-defense.

#4– A Small Clutcher or Hair Band:

Use it to keep your hair at place, keep them managed and keep them off from your face while traveling.

#5– Makeup Compact:

I confess, I always carry a makeup compact with me in my bag. After all, it is better to give touch-ups than showing the skin-redness caused due to harsh sun rays.

#6– Lip Balm:

I do carry this too!! Keep on applying lip balm, not just to look beautiful, but to protect your lips from cracking, turning black or chapped.

#7– Mouth freshener:

This is very important. I carry a pack of silver pearls with me. You can keep a mouth freshener of your choice. 😀

#8– Band Aid:

I always carry at least 2-4 band aids with me. Trying new things, kicking a stone on the road, jumping from your car’s bonnet, shoe bites… band aid will always help you with such problems.

#9– Face Wet Wipes:

It is not always possible to wash your face. But face wet wipes can help you every time!!

#10– Pain killer:

Aches etc can knock your body’s door anytime. Therefore, carry pain killer medicines.

#11– Tooth pick, Ear buds and Safety pins:

Pick a small sachet, keep all these things in it and keep it in your handbag. Always!

#12– Comb:

Especially, if you are going to meet someone, or office or anywhere… your hair need to look perfect!!

Hope you liked this list of mine. Do cross-check these listed items with the ones who already have in your bag. And if something from the list is missing… go keep it right now!!

image credit – insideyourbag.tumblr

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