16 Very Important Skin and Hair Care Tips For Monsoon For Everyone

Skin and Hair Care Tips For Monsoon
Skin and Hair Care Tips For Monsoon

Time for some monsoon care gyaan haan! Actually, today my MUM was telling me all of this stuff so I just thought of sharing these really important skin and hair care tips for monsoon for everyone.

Month of June and July is when we enjoy the onset of the monsoon in India. The rain comes and goes in its own mood and we need to take all the necessary steps and the skin care for swaying and balancing this humid weather condition. Be careful in this changing weather, as the skin and the hair can be damaged easily. Therefore, here are some cool and important tips for all of you from my mum.

16 Very Important Skin and Hair Care Tips For Monsoons For Everyone

Stay dry and see that you do not get wet or remain in wet clothes for long.
Use antiseptic soaps with neem, tulsi, green tea or menthol to be fresh and cool in the hot and humid weather.
Drink lots and lots of water to remain hydrated.
Avoid eating junk food and oily food, instead take sprouts,
fruits, juices, green vegetables to increase immune system.
Keep your hair clean through shampooing and conditioning.
Oil massage just one hour before shampoo and wash it thoroughly.
Dry your hair before going out or tying it.
Use waterproof creams and makeup. Use matte finish powder and lipsticks.
Use astringent for regulating sweat.
Wash you face with ice water for keeping skin fresh and cool.
Do not tie your hair when wet or sweat accumulation may cause bad smell and itchy scalp.
Use lemon and tea leaves juice in the scalp of your hair to get.
rid of the dandruff which tends to increase in this humid weather.
Use sweat-free sunscreen before going out.
Avoid eating street-food.

Liked the tips? Now follow these during the monsoon in order to stay fit and fab.

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