5 Best Inglot Lipsticks Available In India

5 Best Inglot Lipsticks
5 Best Inglot Lipsticks

The world famous brand- Inglot ranges of lipsticks are available in India to match the Indian skin tone. You will be so satisfied and bewildered to know that inglot has now got all the shades and texture of the lipsticks which can well suit the taste and styles perfectly to the tanned skin of Indian skin. Go and explore the wide varieties of lipsticks along with all kinds of shades to match the various celebrations and occasions of Indian civilization.

5 Best Inglot Lipsticks Available In India

Lipstick Inglot #401

The light brown shade along with the light pink is in matte finish touch and can be worn daily for official purpose. It has the staying power without staining effect for long hours of more than 5 hours. Fair and medium skin tones women can wear the shade.

Inglot Lipstick #412

The dark mauve shades highlights the lips and has heavy pigmentation to cover all the dry and chapped lips of your skin. Staying power of the lips is more than 6 hours and does not fade away.

Inglot Lipstick #408

The red colored is preferred by most of the Indian woman to match their styles, occasions and mood. The bluish tinge embedded in the undertone creates the superb finish to make you feel so good in front of the mirror.

Inglot Lipstick #409

Inglot #409 is very suitable to make you look so good in the summer days. The shade does not produce any fine lines for hours. The reddish, coral shade settles and brings the creamier hydrated finish for tanned and dried lips.

Inglot Lipstick #417

The lipstick is enriched with the vitamin E content which moisturize the lips and comes with the dark pinkish shade which can go in normal and brownish type skins.

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