7 Awesome Beauty Hacks For This Season

7 Awesome Beauty Hacks For This Season
7 Awesome Beauty Hacks For This Season

Beauty cannot be defined, but it can always be appreciated, maintained and enhanced. Yes, season do have a major role in making you look beautiful. If you have been ignoring seasons and climate, you better start giving it importance. Here are 7 Awesome beauty hacks for this season:

7 Awesome Beauty Hacks For This Season


Your eyes must look beautiful and they define your personality. You do not have to purchase a new gel liner, to make your liner intense and long lasting. Take your eye-liner and keep the tip of the pencil liner for few seconds. Allow it to cool down once it is heated. Apply it by giving a shape to your eyes.

Set Your Lipstick:

Your lips plays a major role in defining your smile. But, the lipstick doesn’t stay for a longer time though every brand claims to do so. The best way to allow your lipstick to stay longer is to apply the shades on your lips. Use a tissue paper and dab translucent powder on it. The matte finish is ready and you are set for the entire day. You can go for second coat as well.

Tame your eye-brow:

You do not have to always spend extra money to purchase your brow gel, if it is over. As an emergency hack, use lip balm on your eyebrow and tame it. You can also use Vaseline to give the final touch.

Dry your nails:

Are you helpless when you apply the nail paint? You want a quick solution to this? Next time, when you apply nail paint, take a bowl of cold water and dip your fingers to it. This will help you the nail paint to dry quickly.

Quick Lip Scrub:

Exfoliating is a way to remove the dead skin. You do not have to invest too much on your lip scrub. Asa quick solution, take some olive oil and add sugar to it. Mix them well and apply on the lip and scrub it.

Oil as makeup remover:

Removing your makeup is a vital beauty regime. It will give healthy result to your skin. What if your branded makeup remover is over? Take some olive oil or coconut oil on your skin. Rub it evenly on your skin and use a cotton to remove the makeup.

Deal with greasy hair:

Is your hair greasy? Not in a position to wash it off? Have an event to attend? Take some dry powder and apply on your hair. It will soak the greasiness from your hair and make your hair look natural.

Hope this article has been useful to you. These simple tips will ensure that you remain beautiful all through the summer without wasting much time and money. Do share your feedback and let me know if you know any other beauty hacks.

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