8 Monsoon Makeup Tips That You Must Follow Daily

8 Monsoon Makeup Tips That You Must Follow Daily
8 Monsoon Makeup Tips That You Must Follow Daily

Monsoon comes where you need to be extra careful of your skin and body. The muddy water, the pollution and the chemicals present in the air will create problems in the skin if proper care is not taken.

Some of the very essential tips which I follow specially during monsoon season are presented in this article. Make sure that the make you do is not too heavy, as this can be looking awful and dirty if you get wet in the rain. Eat fresh and healthy so that you look radiant and fresh in this monsoon and your skin glows from within, you need not use any makeup for any occasion.

8 Monsoon Makeup Tips That You Must Follow Daily

Keep your eye makeup light and use water proof makeup of good brand. Dab powder to look fresh and clear. You can run ice cube after washing your face which will control the sweat occurrence in the humid weather.

Stop using foundations or concealer as this looks ugly and cause smudging in the wet atmosphere outside. Leave the natural look with light colored lipstick or light makeup and very thin eye liner to look beautiful in the monsoon.

Powder cosmetics are very helpful rather than watery or creamy composition. Using of powdery matte and powdery eye shadow is appropriate in this season. Water resistant mascaras are useful. Follow the eight makeup tips to make this monsoon colorful and keep you looking beautiful and attractive.

Water proof make up
Drinking lots of water
Using powdery makeups
Avoiding foundations
Avoiding concealers
Eating fruits and salads
Wearing light colored or dark shades of matte finish lipsticks
Avoiding heavy makeups

If you follow the above makeup tips you will remain comfortable and glow even in the wet monsoon. So just take hid of how to remain beautiful and healthy so that you can enjoy the season of rain with utmost enjoyment and pleasure.

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