9 Best Organic Lipstick Brands You Can Try Today

9 Best Organic Lipstick Brands
9 Best Organic Lipstick Brands

Organic products are really good. I always prefer organic products and prefer buying high-end products. There are so many organic lipstick brand available for you to choose worldwide. Though in India, we have trust-worthy organic lipstick brands like Himayala & Soultree but in this post, I am going to talk about best organic lipstick brand worldwide. These might be expensive ones but surely you can trust on the product blindly. So, here you go!

9 Best Organic Lipstick Brands You Can Try Today

Ecco Bella

The brand is known for its quality and free from dyes and preservatives. The lipsticks are safe and moisten the lips very well.

Wide shades of red, pink, brown and mauve are available in online stores like amazon and ebay.

Canyon lipsticks

The reddish brown shade of this brand is very attractive and every product is certified by USDA for its quality and standard.

Gabriel Lipstick

The sweet and smoothing shade which is made of all natural ingredients are awesome. The lipsticks are comes in various shades like red, brown, pink, orange. There is both matte finish and moisturized based lipsticks from this brand.

The Hemp Organics lipstick of rose petal

This lipstick has 95% of organic content and is proved. There is zero petro chemicals used in this brands of lipstick. It has matte finish with slight hue to match your lips.

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation

Jane Iredale Lip Fixation can be used both as lipstick and lip gloss.


Lavera is a natural german made product which has high organic content in its lipstick brand. The quality and the standard of the product is intact with natural ingredients used to make each lipstick.

Bare Minerals

The lipsticks has all heath minerals and organic content which has antioxidant presence in it. The prices are $18 for each lipstick from this brand.


This is another branded organic lipstick company which has natural content formulation in its content and has 85% bio-active ingredients of minerals.

Josie Maran

The Josie Maran brand is organic based lipstick which has the perfect shade to match your lips and hide all pigmentation. The Josie Maran has argan oil in its lipstick content which is useful to tackle skin problems.

The wide list of organic lipsticks brand will be sufficient for those who want to be fashionable and avoid harsh chemicals.

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