9 Monsoon Footwear and Foot Care Tips That Everyone Must Follow

Monsoon Footwear and Foot Care Tips
Monsoon Footwear and Foot Care Tips

This time I shall be writing about the foot care and the footwear especially during the monsoon. As the month of June, July August and September will be rainy and wet months, so the foot care is essential. In the monsoon rains the feet gets wet easily though your body might be guarded by the umbrellas or raincoats.

The feet get wet and there is itchiness, rashes, fungal infections or redness in and around the feet. You feel really uncomfortable then. So some simple tips and foot care with correct foot wear will be the best solution to heal the problem. Clean your feet daily with antiseptic lotions and soaps. Use lemon and salt in warm water and keep your feet dipped for 15 minutes to exfoliate and clean your feet. Use feet scrubber or pumice stone to clean the hidden dust and dirty water from the feet. Make sure you hydrate with foot cream after washing your feet.

9 Monsoon Footwear and Foot Care Tips That Everyone Must Follow

Pedicure your feet and massage it with olive oil or coconut oil. Clean and cut the nails of your feet. Footwear should be slippers or flip-flops which get dried easily in the rainy months. Wearing of boots is also recommended to cover your feet so that no water gets inside. Washing the footwear with soap water and drying it is required to keep you safe from fungal and bacterial infections.

The below given tips will be effective for feet care in the monsoon:

1. Wear sandals and flip-flops of rubber made which gets dried easily
2. Wash and clean your feet with antiseptic lotions
3. Use scrubber to clean feet thoroughly
4. Wash and dry your footwear
5. Cut nails of your feet
6. Moisturize your feet
7. Use feet mask like neem and turmeric paste to clean and exfoliate
8. Use talcum powder before wearing your shoes
9. Massage your feet with olive oil or coconut oil

I am sure now you are satisfied of how to take care of your feet in the humid and wet monsoon. So now your feet looks nice and cared even in the monsoon and you are glad to get the awesome tips from me! Take care!

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