Easy Prom Makeup Ideas That Nobody Told You!

Prom makeup is something which is vintage inspired, boasts the glamorous, bold and beautiful where there are celebrities kind of feeling with that hot and sensuous makeup.

The ideal prom make up can be lively and rocking with the braided pony tail styling of your hair which will look different and bold and sleek. A swipe of the red and berry blended shade of lipstick will go matching with this hairstyle.

If you have flawless skin, you can play up your glowing bright complexion by applying white eye-shadow in the corner of your eyelids and a rosy color on the outer edge which will attract attention very easily. The eyelash curlers and mascara will make you look even more beautiful. Use clear gloss to your lips and make it look smooth. Use a fun ribbon hairband in red or pink to make you stand out in the crowd which will be perfect and cute.

Prom Makeup

Prom Makeup Ideas That Nobody Told You!

The dark red colored lipstick, rosy blushing cheeks along with the perfect touch of foundation and highlighter will be the makeup tip for making you look gorgeous.

The hair styling can be done by curling it loosely with silver hair pins to be located easily and look different. For the vintage-inspired look you can add some coral-hued blush to the apples of your cheeks and also peachy gloss. Make sure to wear a light shaded orange or pinkish colored lipstick in your lips.

The super bronzer in the eyes with the nude lips, black eye liner and red hair will be the perfect makeup for celebrating your prom night.

A twisted updo of your hair with fringed bangs aside for sweeping across will be amazing idea to style your hair and have that elegancy. Using black mascara, neutral brown eye shadow and dark pink lipstick will definitely let you hear compliments and attract cameras.

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