Easy Smokey Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smoky Blue Eye

Hello beauties, I am back with my new post. This time I thought of posting tutorial. This post is all about how you can get perfect blue eyes 😀 I have tried out many shades but blue seems to be the best shade for heavy as well as light eye makeup. You can carry this shade for any occasion. It only takes few minutes to have perfect blue eyes.

Smokey Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial – Step by step:

Let’s start with the products you will need (I am mentioning the brands too, that I use). You can use alternatives according to your budget and feasibility.


– Lakme Eyeconic mascara
– Lakme Eyeconic blue eye pencil
– Vlcc kajal
– Beauty uk soho eye palate
– Palladio eye palate love struck
– Maybelline clear glow BB stick
– Audrey’s eye brush
– Elle 18 eye liner bold black


: Start with a clean face and eye for any makeup.
: Moisturize your eye lid and lower lashes as well with an eye cream. This will prevent you from getting fine lines.

Since the eyes are clean and moisturized, let us discuss the steps to get perfect smokey blue eyes:

STEP 1– Start filling and defining your eyebrows. Also, prime your lids and the lower lash line. I have used Maybelline clear glow BB stick. If you can afford primer you can use it instead, but concealer also go well.

STEP 2– Start applying your kajal on your lid and make a straight line from the outer lid up to the point you want to fill your eye shadow.try to make a v starting from outer upper lid to brow bone. Remember don’t rub it on the inner corner of your eye leave it as it is.

STEP 3– Merge the kajal with your hand so that the sharp line may disappear. Now the perfect base has been made.

STEP 4– Apply any black shade on the outer corner of your eye with help of eye shadow brushes. Avoid the use of eye applicator which comes along the the eye palate because it will not help you to create a black base. I used Palladio love struck.

STEP 5– Fill the whole eye starting from the inner corner of your eye up to the mid part with your favourite blue colour. I have use two shades one for the base and other for merging the blue and black shades.

STEP 6– Use lip brush or eye applicator to create a fine small v near the extreme inner corner of your eye.

STEP 7– Apply eye liner starting from the mid of the upper eye lid to the corner. Apply thick line of eye liner as it will define your eyes more precisely.

STEP 8– Fill the water line with blue kajal. I have use eyeconic blue to have smooth look. Then apply mascara. You can curl your eyes too. I have a thick eye lash that’s why I had skipped that curling part.

STEP 9– apply light shade like whit neutrals on the brow bone to have glow on your eyes. I have applied little blue shadow on the water line below my kajal.


I have tried to keep the look simple and elegant. You can try other shades of blue. I have used black to have little smoky effect, because only blue doesn’t suits my complexion.

Hope you all liked it!!

Take care & stay connected for more !!

image source – sweetlauryn.com

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