How To Do Lips Makeup To Make Lips More Beautiful?

Lips Makeup To Make Lips More Beautiful

Humans have this need of distinguishing themselves among others and to do this, they use different ways like clothes, shoes, make-ups etc. Women have used lipsticks since time immemorial and the quality of lipsticks has been evolving with time. Now we have from the poor to the best, from the affordable to the expensive types of lipsticks available.

Lips Makeup To Make Lips More Beautiful

How To Makeup Lips

Being a girl, I love lipsticks. It makes my lips beautiful and prettier and enhances my appearance and as a matter of fact it boosts my confidence in public. There are so many ways to make up lips, from the professional to the easier and non time consuming ways. Here is a way to do the lips which is easy and effective though and which is useful for those women who doesn’t have much time to spend on makeup.

Best ways to Makeup Lips:

First you need to have matching liners and lipsticks, for instance dark liner and light shade lipsticks don’t go. If you are using a light lipstick or gloss, try nude liner and then slick your lipstick on top. And also lip gloss are known for wearing off fast but if you fill in lips first with liner the gloss will stick on for longer period.

There is also another but surest way to retain gloss longer. Instead of applying gloss like people usually do(from top to bottom or left to right), try applying gloss to the middle of your bottom lips only and rub lips together and if you want a high shine the just apply a full sweep of gloss to the bottom lips and smack lips together. You can line your lips before or after you apply lipsticks. It works both ways though some women argue that you won’t be able to see the natural line of your lips if you apply lipsticks first but personally I find lips look more natural when you line lips after you apply lipsticks. And if you want plumper lips, you just have to apply the liner just outside your natural line, then dab a bit of gloss in the middle of your bottom lip and smack lips together. The best way is putting on a gloss to plumps up the lips.

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