Really Simple Tips For Eye And Lip Makeup That Your Must Follow Daily

It is our natural tendency to appear distinct and unique among others. It is said our eyes are the first thing people notice about our appearance. These days with so many products and brands on make up, doing make up seem very easy.

Simple Tips For Eye And Lip Makeup

We just have to go to the stores and buys whatever we like for our eye, lips, skin etc. We feel like if we apply those we will naturally look good even without having the slightest idea of how to do it rightly. And if we don’t get the desired looks from those make up, we get frustrated and blamed it on the make ups. So folks, here in this article I am going to share some tips on how to make up lips and eyes. I am sure, these tips will help you in doing a perfect lip and eye makeup and will help you look beautiful as ever…

Tips for Eye Makeup:

Eye Makeup

Pick a Concealer in a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone which will eliminates the dark circles.

Dab it underneath around the eyes until the Concealer disappears.

Pick a neutral shade of eye shadow that matches your skin tone to use as a base and apply it from your lash-line to the brow bone.

Follow with Eyeliners (liquid or pencil). Dark eye shadows are also preferable.

Apply eye shadow. Use light colour that matches your eyelid.

Put a bit of your light eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye which will brighten your eyes significantly.

Using the same eye shadow, highlight the brow. Dab it on your brow bone using finger.

Curl eyelashes which will make your long lashes gorgeous.

Finally apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

Tips for Lip Makeup:

Lips Makeup

Never ever use a dark lip-liner with light lipstick.

Use liner on your lips as a base.

Surest known way to retain gloss or lipstick is to apply gloss to the middle of the bottom lips only and rub lips together.

To get plumper lips, apply a lip-liner just outside your natural lip line and apply gloss/lipstick to the bottom lip and smack lips together.

You can fine-line your lips before or after you put-on your favorite lipstick.

Hope these simple tips for eye and lip makeup will help you in some way. As it is said practice makes a person perfect, if you practice these tips regularly, you will surely attain perfection in doing eye and lip makeup.

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