Reasons Why DDLJ Will Always Be A Topper For Me

Reasons Why DDLJ Will Always Be A Topper For Me
Reasons Why DDLJ Will Always Be A Topper For Me

DDLJ will be all time favorite and will dwell in the hearts always !!DDLJ – the movie made with Raj and Simran is remembered as the most loving and sweetest movie which was an instant hit. It is said that it made Shahrukh and Kajol superstar overnight.

Recently It competed 1000 weeks, on december 31 2014. Well deserved !! Truly!

Here are the reasons why DDLJ will always be a topper for me:

DDLJ is not taken as a movie but a true experience for anyone who is in their young age and creates a real impact all in all for everyone. The movie keeps on lingering in one’s mind with the popular soundtrack of it buzzing in the ears. The extra ordinary love story and the image of the young lovers in true love are amazing which can keep anybody thinking the movie forgetting their day to day life.

The sweet smile of Raj and the serious look of Kajol with the charm, feminine beauty is unmatched. The two very superb actors with their unique styles and movements made DDLJ the most loved films for all ages. Raj’ –Shaharukh Khan -the quintessential lover boy in DDLJ and ‘Simran’ is the girl-next-door that every guy will love to marry and wants to take her home. Lovely screenplay, magnificent casting and perfectly script written have all the power to bring the perfection into this movie.

DDLJ has shown that only good looks are not the true requirement in a hero or a heroine, but you need to have that talent and the ability to act and make people engrossed and involved in every moment of the film- and this was done by the two star actors Kajol and Shahrukh.

The chemistry of the two friendship and the romantic looks with eyes speaking the word of love can make you crazy and you will love to find the same kind of lover or beloved in your own life.

Most amazing thing about this movie is its songs. You get to hear all type of songs like Patriotic kinda song (Ghar aja pardesi tera des bulae re), Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam (romantic song), Na jaane mere dil ko kya ho gaya (sad song), Ruk ja O dil deewane (Flirtatious song), Mehndi laga ke rakhna (The ultimate shaadi/wedding song), Zara sa jhum lu mein (Fun song) etc.

And the total pictography is so fabulous- the mustard fields the white dress of Simran, the sceneries, the dialogues are all so nice to experience and watch. Truly DDLJ has taken every one hearts away through the unimaginable love story. Of-course, whenever you see Sarson ke khet, what your mind strikes is Raj standing with his arms spread wide for you (ummm oh! I mean simran!)

The ordinary pair with extraordinary love story- even the grave look and the serious cruel father in law played by Amrish Puri is remembered. The acting of Mandira Bedi being attracted to Raj in the film and showing foolish moves is enjoying a created spice to the story of DDLJ.

Every dialogue is remembered still now – Ja, Simran Ja – is one the famous among all. The lehenga of golden color during the climax worn by Simran and the train slow motion movement with Raj wanting to catch Simran still creates goose bumps when you see it.

‘Hey, Main Raj’ when SRK introduces himself to God in church, ‘Bade bade desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hai’, and that scene when SRK says ‘Palat’ silently and Kajol turns back and gives a smile… Gosh, each and every moment from that movie is superb.

Who will not like to watch a romantic movie having the entire journey covered from being in love to the end of happy marriage and living together with the one you love?

Come fall in love – yes truly even the most serious and unromantic person will love to fall in love after watching DILWALE DULHANIA LE JAYENGE (DDLJ).

image source – DDLJ Movie

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