Simple Fashion Tips for Girls Are Simply Awesome

Simple Fashion Tips For Girls
Simple Fashion Tips For Girls

Everyone has their own unique sense of fashion and style. But fashion is something that evolves continuously. Something might be in vogue one moment, and the next moment its gone, making it hard to stay on top always. So here are a few fashion tips to help you look gorgeous and stylish all the time, without spending too much money or time.

Simple Fashion Tips For Girls

1. Dress for your body type:

Don’t blindly follow what everyone else is wearing or whatever the latest trend is. Know and Love your body and decorate it accordingly. Focus on areas of your body you want to highlight, and downplay the problem areas. If you have a toned stomach, try a crop top; if you don’t like the way your arms look, wear longer sleeves, or drape a long sleeved shrug on top. If you want to highlight your collarbones and chest area, wear scoop necks; if height is a problem, give the palazzos a miss.

2. More money doesn’t always mean better:

Don’t always shop brands. Look around a bit, maybe you can find the same Rs. 3000 bag at a much cheap price just because it doesn’t carry an expensive brand name. Accept and become friends with the roadside markets and stalls. It really is possible to find some amazing gems here, which are at-least 20 times more expensive at a bigger air-conditioned shop. Print out pictures of the clothes you want and get them made by your local tailor on a much cheaper budget! Remember, its ok to buy unbranded clothes and accessories.

3. When in doubt, go the classic route:

Classics are called classics for a reason, they never go out of fashion, and can be incorporated into any occasion. Even the most boring t-shirts can be dressed up by throwing on a classic black blazer. If you don’t know what to wear for a casual evening out with friend, try the classic white t-shirt and denim combo, it always works!

4. Don’t run away from colors:

Colors are your friend, they can really help in enhancing your body and features. Some colors can help to make your eyes stand out, while some can help in enhancing your amazing collarbones. Play around with colors and see what works for you best.

5. Accessorize:

Accessories are important, they can make or break a look. A fantastic outfit can be ruined by the wrong pair of shoes. Similarly an outfit can look more in sync and put together by maybe just adding the right bag or earrings.

6. Don’t focus just on clothes:

Be the whole package. It is said that the most important accessory a person can have is their hair. Spend money on getting a haircut that suits your face, follow a daily skincare regime, try using some makeup to enhance your facial features. After all the first thing anyone will see is your face, and then the rest of you. Make that first impression a lasting one.

7. Smile and be confident:

Whatever you do, do it with confidence. The world will see you as you see yourself. So go out, smile, and let your inner diva shine through.

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