7 Instant Ways to Cure Hiccups

7 Instant Ways to Cure Hiccups
7 Instant Ways to Cure Hiccups

Hiccups can drive you nuts, especially those lasting for longer than usual.  However, they are not harmful, but are quite irritable. We have found 7 instant ways that have proven best among all to cure hiccups and relive your muscles.

Instant Ways to Cure Hiccups

Sugar: You can always swallow a teaspoon of sugar as the grainy texture and sweet stuff can create little irritation in your esophagus, which will divert the attention from hiccups leading to the resetting of your phrenic nerves. Just to mention, there’s no proof driven out the reasoning.

Vinegar: The sour taste of vinegar can lower down the hiccups to zero. Try it and hiccups may not bug you after some time.

Water and straw: What you exactly have to do is plug both your ears and drink a glassful of water using a straw. You might swallow your hiccups together with the water. Don’t give it up on single shot and try at least a few times.

Focus on your diaphragm: Breath slowly as long you feel enough, hold your breath, wait for at least 30 seconds, and exhale slowly with a feel of empty lungs. Try this three to four times.

Peanut butter: Eat a medium spoon full of peanut butter, wait for 3-5 seconds and try to swallow it slowly.  You can also use Nutella or almond butter.

Sweet things: You can always find a way to eat sweets, but this time you have a reason. Whatever you eat in sweets just eat your mouth full.

Cover it: Simplest way to cure a hiccup is by covering your mouth and nose with both of your hands. You don’t have to stop breathing. The trick is as carbon dioxide will remain in for fewer seconds it will make the success.

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