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Started in 2015 as an Lifestyle blog, thesplendidlifestyle.com has today grown into India’s favorite lifestyle and trends community.

The founders- Swapnil Mishra, Apsara Mishra, Anamika Mishra and other team members keep things on the site very light, happy and trendy.

The aim is to deliver latest trends on lifestyle, travel, food, and reviews to its readers as fast as possible.

Here are our core team members:

Swapnil Mishra (CEO)

Swapnil Mishra is an enthusiastic entrepreneur and owner of thesplendidlifestyle.com. He also runs a recruitment firm and a business consultancy.

Apsara Mishra (Owner & Co-founder)

Apsara Mishra is a co-founder of thesplendidlifestyle.com who is also the chief content manager for the site. Previously, she was managing the recruitment firm along with Swapnil but soon the blogging fever caught her up and she decided to focus on thesplendidlifestyle.com.

Anamika Mishra (Co-founder)

Anamika should be blamed for transferring the fever of blogging to her brother (Swapnil Mishra) and her sister-in-law (Apsara Mishra). She is an author, blogger and a speaker. Her blog AnamikaMishra.com is India’s most read lifestyle blog while her novels Too hard to handle & VoiceMates are bestsellers.

Sakshi Mehra (Editor & Social Media Manager)

Sakshi Mehra is a young and dynamic girl who took the biggest risk of her career by leaving her job as a sub-editor in an established regional magazine and join thesplendidlifestyle.com a year back. She is now happy with the decision she took and is now a part of core team of thesplendidlifestyle.com.



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