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Make Your Makeup Stay All Day During Monsoon

7 Secrets To Make Your Makeup Stay All Day During Monsoon

Monsoon has finally arrived. Apart from lengthy drives, coffee and hot-dip hitting snacks, monsoon also comes with the worry of your cosmetics getting washed away. With some slight changes in your cosmetics schedule, you can ensure that your cosmetics lasts long even when it is pouring. Here are 7 useful tips and tricks to create your cosmetics monsoon-proof. Prep-up Wash…

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Ultimate Makeup Routine

The Ultimate Makeup Routine Is Here

Everyone needs a five-minute makeup routine. Even if you’re the type to use a full face every day, it still values your while to build up something you can do quick, just in case. Not only that, but a smaller routine is perfect for noon touch-ups or for those minutes when you want to conversion your cosmetics from your day…

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