5 Ways You Are Making Cleaning Harder That It Actually Is

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. You must be aware of this phrase and trust me, it is true. Cleaning is very important and in order to live a long and healthy life, you should keep your home neat and clean. But at times, people find it very hard to do home cleaning although it is not that hard. It is us who make things harder. Here are 5 ways that we make cleaning harder that it actually is!


5 Ways to simple cleaning:

1. Making your own cleaner:

There are several DIY versions that allows you to make your own cleaners. But, is it really required? Cleaning itself is tiring, so why add more trouble to it. Buy a branded cleaner and it will serve your purpose.

2. Using a feather duster:

You might spend a lot of time in dusting your furniture, but using a feather duster will spoil your entire efforts. Use a microfiber cloth so that all the dust particles are collected and are out of house.

3. Washing windows when it is sunny:

You might want to wipe your windows when it is sunny but it may not be the right thing to do. The liquid might dry before you can even wipe it. It will leave streaks and this will make you to work more harder than wiping on any normal would have made you.

4. Wearing shoes in the house:

No matter how clean your shoes are, they are sure to have dust to it. Do not wear shoes and wander in the house. You might have to keep cleaning your house the entire day.

5. Cleaning the Vacuum:

Yes, vacuums are meant to clean your house, but did you ever think of cleaning the vacuum itself. If your vacuum cleaner is full of dirt, no matter how hard you try to clean your house, it will still be dirty.  If the bag inside the vacuum is full. You will end up add to the dust rather than pulling the dust. Replace the bag when it is full and empty the canister after every use.

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