Flyers Photography Walk by Meizu India

Flyers Photography Walk by Meizu India
Flyers Photography Walk by Meizu India

Meizu India, the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturing company on 31st March 2017, organised a Meizu flyers photography walk to Humayun Tomb in New Delhi. The event was organized to give a mesmerising experience of Meizu M3s and capture the old heritage through the high definition camera of this newly launched device. Throughout the activity there was a huge engagement and fun complimented with this amazing photo shoot session and knowledge sharing session with the professional photographers.

According to the concept the participants were described to click the ancient Humayun Tomb with the help of Meizu M3s and have the unforgettable experience of using the device. They were assisted by renowned photographer Mr. Virendra Shekhawat, Head Delhi Photography Club, who is also known for organising such heritage walks in Delhi and giving photography tips to aspiring photographers. The professional team of photographers gave flyers a session where they enlightened them about different tools and special features in Meizu M3s. All the flyers were extremely excited to use the device for the shoot and capture the heritage from a new and interesting perspective.

The event was organized in the early evening to get a proper light and shadow effect. The time selection was perfect to capture the beauty of the nature as well. Right from the beginning of the walk all the flayers started showing huge interest to discover new features available in the device. The professional photographers worked as added benefit to the amateur photographers.

The walk ends with huge number of amazing clicks by the flyers and professional photographers. They all are amazed by the experience of using Meizu M3s. Participants clicked the heritage through completely different concept and perceptive taught them by the professional photographers using high definition camera of Meizu M3s. The entire activity was successful with the positive feedback from flyers and the professional photographers. The Meizu Photography Walk garnered huge response and replicated on Meizu’s social media platforms.

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