3 Best Ways To Clean Your Baby’s Tongue And Avoid Mouth Thrush

Maintaining baby’s health and hygiene, also include emphasizing on their oral health. Tongue should be cleaned on regular basis to ensure the risk of infections caused by fungus, bacteria or germs is reduced. Newborn babies are more likely to be infected with oral thrush because their immune system is not developed entirely.

Baby’s Tongue

3 Best ways to clean your baby’s tongue:


Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Now, take a piece of sanitized gauze, cotton or wash cloth and soak the edge in lukewarm drinking water. Wrap it around your finger and gently position your finger inside your baby’s mouth. Wipe the upper and the lower gum pad. The perfect time to do this is when the baby is occupied or in a joyful mood.

Cleaner or Soft Bristled Toothbrush:

You can also opt for a gum cleaner. Avoid using fluoridated items as baby can ingest it. You can also use an infant’s soft bristled, moistened toothbrush, which is available in the market.

Sterilized Ear Bud:

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap. Now, take a sterilized baby ear bud, and dip it in a glass of lukewarm drinking water. Now, gently roll it on your baby’s tongue. Wipe the upper and then the lower gum pad as well. Also, be sure to have a tight grip on the ear bud.

What is mouth thrush?

Oral mouth thrush is a fungal infection in the mouth that is particularly common in new born babies, infants and toddlers. It is usually harmless and easily treatable. If you see white coating on your baby’s tongue, and white patches anywhere in the mouth and generally cannot be rubbed off gently, and your baby is not wanting to be fed (because their mouth is sore), then it is more likely to be a mouth thrush.

When to get alarmed?

It is not a serious condition, however, if you feel that the white patches aren’t going even after tongue cleaning or the baby has sore throat, poor feeding habits that are getting worse over a period of time, then it’s best to consult your pediatrician.

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