Bored? ’50+ Things You Can Do Right Now

Bored? '50+ Things You Can Do Right Now
Bored? ’50+ Things You Can Do Right Now

Are you bored to the core of the heart? Then don’t worry. There are many things to do in this world.

Bored? ’50+ Things You Can Do Right Now

Just indulge in the following:

  1. Play Mario cart balloon battle.
  2. Annoy your fellow siblings.
  3. Texts message your friends.
  4. Scream out your window.
  5. Annoy other with a song.
  6. Play weird rhymes on your phone.
  7. Venture out and follow the first person you meet.
  8. Ask someone certain dumb questions
  9. Rearrange the magnets.
  10. Make a drink and tell your friend to drink it.
  11. Indulge in some prank.
  12. Go window fishing with a hook.
  13. Flip through random channels on your TV.
  14. Check your computers history page.
  15. Indulge in drawing.
  16. Have a sound sleep.
  17. Hide yourself in a closet and make others find you.
  18. Disturb your neighbor.
  19. Write a poem and
  20. Read a story!
  21. Indulge in Make up.
  22. Try to find Narnia!
  23. Run into the nearby woods.
  24. Make up weird sayings.
  25. Create a bucket list.
  26. Paint your widow or door colorfully.
  27. Gasp every time someone passes by you.
  28. With a sibling, have an eating contest.
  29. Argue with someone
  30. Write weird short stories.
  31. Make up your own language.
  32. Draw a heart on your nose.
  33. Get into an argument with others.
  34. Make up a complicated math problem
  35. Play with rubber bands.
  36. Jump in a cab and say “Follow that car!”
  37. Think about something that you forgot.
  38. Without closing your mouth, try to say “m”.
  39. Spell the world’s longest word.
  40. Call your local shopkeeper for an enquiry.
  41. Count your kitchen items.
  42. Try to remember something.
  43. “Troll” the people around you.
  44. Dram your own nation.
  45. Make your theme song.
  46. Make up your own funny words.
  47. Go out without any reason.
  48. Go for shopping.
  49. Talk to your imaginary friend.
  50. Draw a symbol for your school.

Do indulge in one or some of the above mentioned activities and busy in your life.

This will help you to remove the word “Bored” from your dictionary.

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