How To Be a Great Host: 13 Tips

How To Be a Great Host
How To Be a Great Host

Are you expecting a guest at your home? You can be a perfect host if you master the art of being a great host.

Here are the 13 tips regarding how to be a great host:

Wash or Eat: Do ask your guest whether they wish to eat or wash on arrival.

Get Settled: Do give your guest sometime to settle down in your home space.

Connect with guest: You must connect your guest initially with right move.

Be aware of guest stay plan:  You must be aware of your guest’s long or short stay plan so that you plan as per their stay.

Be Consistent: you should always treat your guest in the same manner each time they arrive at your place.

Feel at home: Do make your guest feel at home with your best hospitality services.

Bathroom, Towel, Bed and Water:  Do provide your guest all the essential of life like towel, bed, water and separate bathroom.

Kitchen Orientation: Do tell your guest to use your kitchen as per their needs and requirements.

Flowers: In the room or by the bed placing fresh flowers will give an extra touch.

Allergies: Do make sure that your guests are pet lovers.

Give privacy for your guest: You should always give a private place for your guest. Make them comfortable with a bed, comfy sheets and air pillow plus mattress.

Understand your personal goal: Do plan out what you will do along with your guest on their arrival to leave.

Do fold them perfectly into your life: Never feel guest as an extra person at home and start indulging in your usual life as normal without any hesitation.

If you guest is happy in their long or short stay at your home in your company then you are a great host in all aspects.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more, I think a dash of humour is one of those skills a great host needs.

    xoxo Chaicy
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