iPhone 7 Rumours

iPhone 7 Rumours
iPhone 7 Rumours

Apple has always shocked everyone with its flagship model releases. Now, with the iphone 7 releasing soon, we don’t know what Apple has up their sleeve. There are several speculations and rumours about iPhone 7. There are a few rumours that suggest a few things we can at least hope are true.

iPhone 7 Rumours

32GB iPhone 7

Apple has raised the bar for internal storage to 128GB, but they also left the entry level model at 16GB which is quite useless, unfortunately. The main issue with the 16GB variant is that the iOS takes up nearly 4GB which only leaves the user with 12GB which is quite depressing.

Based on many rumours there is definitely a 32GB, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a  future possibility of the 16GB variant.

Lightning Headphones

In an attempt to make their iPhone 7 even thinner, they removed the 3.5mm headphone jack because they think that the 3.5mm diameter of that headphone port is the thickest component of the iPhone.

So, that gives birth to the new concern of how iPhone users will listen to music. But Apple being the tech genius it is also gave a solution to this new problem. They released the Lightning Headphones. The good news is that they work exactly like the standard wired headphones, so that’s something to be happy about.

Some rumours suggest the iPhone will come with a 3.5mm adapter which will let you use the standard headphones. This is excellent news for all those users who’ve invested in the Apple’s Beats headphones.Many hints suggest that the iPhone 7 will be more water resistant and that it will have a home button equipped with haptic feedback.

There are several rumours and hints suggesting various things about the iPhone 7, but we won’t really know what the iPhone 7 will bring until it’s out for the Public. Let’s hope that some of these rumours are true.


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