Things to Consider When Buying a Mattress

Whether you are buying a new mattress or are just looking to replace your old one the knowledge of what to look out for is essential. Since you spend an average of 8 hours sleeping on the mattress, it is necessary to get a mattress that will be comfortable and durable. While many mattresses in the market are likely to satisfy your needs, not all are suitable for your sleeping habits.

Different types of mattresses in the market.

Latex mattresses

The primary material in latex mattresses is natural latex material obtained from a rubber plant.It is very synthetic and offers lots of plush. It is suitable for the side back and tummy sleepers since it tends to be very soft with slow, soft sinking plus.

Air mattresses

Air mattress is made of pressurized air chamber system that offers a lot of support. Each side of this mattress is controlled separately allowing you to adjust their firmness.

Foam mattresses


Manufacturers tend to use several layers of foam on these mattresses to create density increasing comfortability. Foam mattress is made of memory, latex, and polyurethane that adjusts according to the shape of the sleeper.

Innerspring mattresses

It’s a very traditional mattress that is usually not adjustable. Steel coil technology with spring connected to the single units and coils enhancing support.The Original mattress factory has a good number of these kinds of mattresses.

Let’s look at the Factors to consider when buying a mattress.


Budget is the first thing that comes to your mind when you start shopping for a mattress. It is inevitable that buying a mattress will leave your wallet lighter. To save on money, you might be tempted to purchase the cheapest mattress that you can find in the market. More affordable mattresses are likely to be made of low-quality materials that may end up stripping your comfort required while resting or cause health problems such as back pains and neck pains.

The more affordable but not too price mattresses will be lenient for your health and personal comfort. With just a little stretch on your budget, you can get a mattress with more durable materials, more comfortable, softer and accommodating to all your sleeping habits.



Consider the space that the new mattress is intended to cover.  A mattress should include just enough space and leave enough room for you to put other things. the right size is big enough to accommodate all your sleeping styles adequately.

When buying a mattress for an existing bed frame, get the one that fits it perfectly. A smaller mattress will leave additional room on the frame hence making your bed look unpleasant. Buying a larger mattress will also hang awkwardly on the bed.


Choosing a mattress with the right material is crucial. There are different mattresses with different elements in the market. Materials range from traditional innerspring mattresses to air mattress and modern mattresses.

Depending on the combination, they provided a different level of support and comfortability. The core material should be strong enough to hold the mattress in place while the surface closest to you, while you sleep, should be plush.The exterior fiber is secure to avoid tear and wear.

Sleeping style.


Every person sleeps differently. A mattress that suits your sleeping styles is the most appropriate choice. Before picking a mattress, you should decide if you are a stomach, back, side, front or a move around sleeper.

Back sleeper and those who move a lot require a medium density with a considerable amount of top padding firm, and cushion mattresses will make this position bearable. Side sleepers will appreciate a softer mattress with lots of support. The Plush, ultra plush and cushion firm mattresses fit this profile perfectly.Stomach sleepers will require a very firm mattress for a evener body support. Cushion firm, firm and extreme firm mattresses are the best bet.

Sleeping habits.

Various factors determine sleeping habits. Active sleepers tend to include the more active age group of teenagers and children. They are most energetic and lead healthy lifestyles reducing the level of fatigue during sleeping time and are also likely to sleep longer. Latex mattresses are best suited for this group .it offers excellent support to the whole body reducing soreness.

Early risers often have a lot going on in their lives and are likely to have a busy day and strenuous day. Physical and mental health are strained at the end of the day. Memory foams are good at support reliving them of the tiredness and giving you enough support.

The nap enthusiast tends to sleep a lot, especially during the daydreaming they get to sleep less due to long working hours.Less sleep is associated with more working hours.A memory foam mattress supports your head correctly increases relaxation of airway hence less snoring.

Firmness level.


Mattress firmness ranges from soft, medium, firm and adjustable.

A very soft bed will make it hard for you to get off the bed and might make you have a sore neck and back due to inadequate support. Medium firmness is the best range because it is not too soft nor too hard. Stiff mattresses are very hard which is very hard and uncomfortable for you. Adjustable firmness is desirable since you get to adjust it until you get the right fit for you.


A mattress reacts to your body depending on how much you weigh.

Light sleepers are under 150 pounds and will be comfortable with medium density mattresses that feature mostly latex and memory foam mattress.

Average sleepers weigh between 150 to 200 pounds. They fall around a density of medium, luxury and more than medium category. This density supports their weight effectively. Heavy sleepers’ lies above 200 pounds and are likely to put a lot of pressure on the mattress. An innerspring or customized bed is suitable for them since they can handle the pressure


It is important to consider your weight, sleeping habit, sleeping style, budget mattress firmness, size, and material when buying a new market or replacing an old one. If you had purchased a mattress and you did not get it right these, factors will guide you to buy the right mattress the next time.

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