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3 Best Homemade DIY Face Scrubs for Clear & Glowing Skin

3 Best Homemade DIY Face Scrubs for Clear & Glowing Skin

Homemade DIY Face Scrubs for Clear & Glowing Skin

Good news for all those who desire to own clear, glowing and beautiful face with least arrangement. With the help of homemade scrubs, you can get the best effective skin to look beautiful naturally. These skin wonders are very common and you do not have to get busy in collecting the items.

Below are such 3 best homemade face scrubs to get the beautiful and velvety skin. Try these face scrubs and notice the difference after a week.

You can choose any one to pamper your sensitive skin.

1. Papaya Face Scrub

You can paste ripe papaya and add about 2 tbsp sugar to it and blend it well. Clean your face and apply the pack on your wet face and gently massage with fingers for at least 3 minutes. Leave it on your skin for about 15 minutes and then wash with cold water.

This is applicable to all skin types. The scrub helps in rejuvenating the glow of the skin cleaning the pores and moisturising the skin. For effective results, you can use it at least thrice a week.

2. Milk Facial Scrub

The key ingredients to the face scrub are oatmeal and milk cream. You have to soak the oats in water (lukewarm) for at least a minute and then squeeze out the extra water out of it. Then add the milk cream to the oatmeal and make a thick paste out if it.

Next, you just have to apply it on your moist skin and scrub for 4 minutes in a circular motion. When dry, use lukewarm water to rinse the pack off. This national scrub removes all the toxins from our face along with dead skin and makes leaves your face moisturised, glowing and soft.

3. Turmeric Facial Scrub

To make the scrub pack you need rice powder, turmeric, gram powder and milk. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl to make a paste thick enough to apply on the face. Apply it on your neck and face and scrub for 3 minutes in a circular motion for at least 4 minutes.

Let the pack dry on your face and wash it off with lukewarm water. This would help you cleanse your skin and brighten the tone of your skin. The skin is tightened with a flawless glow on your face. This is applicable for all skin types. Those who have oily skin, you can use rose water.

Use the packs as per your skin type to see amazing results! Talking of which, I recently came across a blog named, it’s a fab blog. Check it out.

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