3 Yoga Moves to Help You Wake Up In the Morning

Yoga Moves to Help You Wake Up In the Morning
Yoga Moves to Help You Wake Up In the Morning

Yoga is a Sanskrit word commonly referred to the union of mind and spirit. It originated from India, history dates back to centuries. Yoga exercise is good for whole body, mind and soul. There are many yoga positions to try. An early morning yoga practice is the great way to start the day with full of energy lasts for the day. Find a certified yoga trainer and start training.

Here is the yoga moves to help you wake up in the morning.

Warrior one

Warrior one is an outstanding yoga pose. It implies and kindles power and strength according to yoga trainers.

Start by standing upright and extend your left leg by 3 to 4 feet. Now bend your knee, make sure it is in line with your ankle. Now, slowly turn your left foot. Lift your arms above your shoulders with strong reach and look. It is a demanding pose, puts pain on arms, which held in the air. Hold on to the pose for one minute. Repeat the pose with your right leg.

Cat and cow pose

It is a great morning stretch for your back. This position helps in the expansion of your whole spine.

Start with your legs and hands on the mate. First look upward to the ceiling. Slowly bring the head down towards the floor as you inhale. Now, turn your look to the belly button slowly as you make an arch back like a cat and exhale. Do this position for three minutes.

Downward dog Pose

You may have seen how a dog stretches, hence the name. It is a regular yoga position. It is a tough position for newbie. Once you start practicing automatically your body respond to the commands.

Stretch your legs and hands. The position comes an inverted ‘’V’’. First extend your hands forward of your shoulders and knees below your hips. Now, lift your knees away from the floor at the same time ensure your arms in straight. Slowly raise your tailbone upwards. Extend heels to the ground to stretch your hamstrings.

Don’t try without training. Do as per your trainer or learn from online. Consult your medical practitioner before taking yoga practice.

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