• Ways We Trolled Teachers in School

    Ways We Trolled Teachers in School

    None of us can forget our school days as they were the best days. There was no stress apart from the exam stress and how can we forget the innocence that we carried. Here are few ways we trolled teachers in school: Tiffin box: I am sure all of us had munched while the class was going on. When the teaching was busy explaining the algebra, we were just waiting to open the tiffin box and hog everything. And mind you, all under the table. Pretending to write: The moment the teacher looked at us, we pretended as though we were busy writing and all we would have been busy…

  • Top 5 Sports Shoes Under RS 1000

    Top 5 Sports Shoes Under RS 1000

    Running shoes are precisely designed for workout, sports or other forms of outdoor activities. Running shoes must always have some basic properties. Sometimes a good running shoe may be hard to find under Rs 1000. So here we are to help you with exactly that. We have prepared a list of the 5 best shoes under Rs 1000. Top 5 Sports Shoes Under RS 1000 Lancer Men’s INDUS Sports Shoes Lancer presents a perfect fusion of style and comfort, these running shoes for men by Lancer are worth investing in.These running shoes will keep your feet at great ease, while you work out in the gym or go for a…

  • Best Movies of 2017

    Best Movies of 2017- Our Top Picks

    Like every year, 2017 also witnessed the release of many Bollywood flicks, including movies of all genres. This year saw many fresh faces delighting us with their performances as well as seasoned actors delivering meaningful stories. While some movies succeed to make a mark and collect handsome sums at the box office. There are several others that don’t perform that well. A few of our personal favourites have made to the list of best Bollywood movies of 2017, compiled by team TSL. Best Movies of 2017 Raess starring Shah Rukh Khan and Maira Khan A boy who has had a rather difficult childhood as a garbage collector sets out to…

  • best-fall-festivals-across-world

    The Best Fall Festivals From All Across The World

    The months of October-November marks the change in season, in most parts of the World. Fall festivals are a must witness for their sheer granduer.Here is 10 festivals from around the World that are worth being a part of. Fall Festivals From All Across The World Mexico- Dia de los Muertos This is a two-day festival that is celebrated as the day of the dead.While death is mourned in most of the counties, the Mexican have a theory that is worth considering.Birth and Death are very natural phenomenon and have to be accepted.The point behind this festival is remembering the friends and family members who departed and playing their favorite…

  • Washing Machine Buying Guide: Top 5 Tips

    Washing Machine Buying Guide: Top 5 Tips

    No one likes stinky and dirty clothes, but how many of you like washing them? Washing clothes is indeed a tedious task and a lot more time taking. But thanks to Alva J. Fisher who invented the first electric-powered washing machine and make the process little easy for many people. If you are on the verge of buying a washing machine, and have a dilemma, as to what features to ponder upon then take an insight below where we will tell you important tips to follow before buying a washing machine. 1. How does it function- Based on functionality there are two types of washing machines: • Semi-automatic • Fully…