9 Tips for Sleeping – Positions, Routine & Timings

9 Tips for Sleeping – Positions, Routine & Timings
9 Tips for Sleeping – Positions, Routine & Timings

A good sleep at night is vital for a person’s health night. However, sleeping position, its routine and timing is quite important factors for the general health of an individual. The following 9 tips will assist the readers in these aspects:

Tips for Sleeping:

The best sleeping position is on your side. In this position, the back gets slightly curved and knees bent. This keeps airways of users open and perfectly matches the spine’s natural curve.

Next in sleeping position is sleeping on the back. This keeps the spine, head, and neck in a neutral position with the nil exertion of pressure on the back. Besides, sleeping on specific orthopedic mattresses will give users an extra support of his or her spine.

In addition, one could improve the sleep with eating certain food types. These include banana, eggs, nuts and seeds and milk. Drinking warm milk before sleep assists in a better sleep.

Sticking to a vital sleep schedule is bound to regulate the body’s clock. This routine should be followed even for the weekends. Sleeping at the same time at night and waking up in the morning is the best routine.

As far as sleep amount is concerned adults should sleep for 7 to 9 hours and those above 65 years if age 7 to 8 hours.

Practicing a relaxing ritual of bedtime to eliminate all the anxieties and stresses is bound to provide a sound sleep.

Avoiding sleep or napping in the afternoon since it will not permit a good night sleep.

Evaluating room for its coolness and free of noises or other possible distractions. Considering eye shades, blackout curtain, ear plugs, fans and humidifiers are effective for a relaxed sleep.

Keeping the electronic devices such as mobiles and laptops away since these devices can activate the brain.

So, following an optimal sleeping position, timing and routine is the most preferable way to attain a comfortable sleep.

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