Eid is one of the biggest celebrated festivals in the world for all the Muslims. Along with eating the tasty gourmet in huge family gatherings people also have a ritual of exchanging gifts. Eid being a three-day event, Muslims gather together from different traditions and different countries. A large part of the celebration with Eid will include great shopping experiences at Eid stores. Not only street shopping but also the online retailers have seen quite a rift their sales during the week.

  1. Eid Store started exclusively started for the occasion is a one week sale and get huge discounts on the Amazon coupons or promo codes.


  • Amazon Eid stores provide an exceptional discount on food, consumer products, gifts and travel essentials.
  • The Amazon Eid stores are full and ready for this year Eid celebrations with decorations and gift essentials.
  • To celebrate this occasion of togetherness Amazon has made its own contribution by starting Eid stores which provide easy and fast delivery for all the Eid essential items to make their customers happy and who does not like these kind extra efforts.
  • Since people love to buy new clothes during the festive season, Amazon brought huge discounts on clothing and all fashion items.
Happy Eid


The Amazon Eid Store mainly concentrates on food, fashion, and gifts. Some of the discounts include:

Category Discount offered
Fashion Up to 65% off
Food & beverages Up to 40% off
Gifts and e-cards Up to 75% off
Electronics Up to 55% off



As Eid approaches every year there are new collection launches in the fashion market and Amazon has it all for its customers ready and on the go. All you have to do is go to the website or download the app on your phone and add your favorite items to the cart. With tradition being the key to all the purchases the Amazon store keeps it all classic and quirky.

Discounts include:

Category Discount
Men’s apparel Up to 65% off
Women’s apparel Up to 50% off
Kids clothing Up to 45% off
Boutique exclusives Up to 35% off

2) Food & beverages

. With Eid the main part of the occasion is the Daawat, The Amazon pantry has exclusive offers for this need this week. Amazon brought about 40% off on all the needed food items for the occasion

Item Discounts offered
Dates Up to 10% off
Dry fruits Up to 45% off
Vermicelli and desserts Up to 25% off

It also has an extra facility for next day delivery on its portal. The main discounts include discounts on food supplies like dates, ittar, and other dry fruits etc.

3) Gift cards

The Eid store also has other exclusive sections for Eid like the Eid Mubarak gift cards with which you can send or receive gift cards on the Amazon which can be from both the website or the app on your android mobile.

  • The Amazon Eid store also has the e-card maker which is for you to send personalized designs of your Digital Eid cards to your friends and family.
  • Amazon has an exclusive discount on these as well which have up to 30% off.
  • Another added feature is that they come in Arabic, Chinese, Cornish, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.

4) eid creations

The Amazon Eid store also has Eid creations which are an exclusive section for the household decoration for the special occasion. Eid, in general, is a festival where all the Muslims get quite excited to decorate their house with


>holiday décor

> banners etc.  at huge discounts.


We know that Amazon has exclusive offers for all the Prime members but now enjoy even more offers and faster delivery with the Amazon Eid Store exclusive services. To enlighten your Eid with the ultimate discounts on your essentials the Amazon stores have started exclusive services like next day delivery. Though Amazon is known for its free and fast delivery, with the Amazon Eid store this gets even faster where all the exclusive items are delivered to your doorstep on the next day of placing the order.


the period around Eid has become one of the most salient events on the international shopping calendar. For big spenders, during this season one of the biggest shopping spaces would be the world’s largest online retailer Amazon with exclusive discounts and other offers. Amazon has Eid stores especially for the shopping during this occasion. Amazon Promo code brings to the front discounts of up to 50% off on fashion, beverages and all other festive special items. Last year the sales during the Eid week grew a surprising 30 percent on customer spending according to the critics and more sales are expected this year also. Amazon is all set to cross leaps and bounds with the Eid store this year.

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