11 Things Your Android Phone Could Do & You Didn’t Even Know

11 Things Your Android Phone Could Do & You Didn’t Even Know
11 Things Your Android Phone Could Do & You Didn’t Even Know

We all know about how wonderful things and tricks can be done with an iPhone. The same things Android phones also do. Some of the technical innovations from the Android platform are awesome, that makes your IT friends envy. You don’t require any certifications to operate and all Android tricks are easy to operate.

Here is the list of 11 things your Android phone could do and you didn’t know:

11 Android Phone Hacks:

1. Send multiple photos through Gmail and Google drive

With the official Gmail app you are allowed one photo. But, with Android phone you can send multiple photos through Gmail or Google drive.

2. Locate a lost Android

You can retrieve a lost Android mobile. There is a device manager in the mobile that let to control the ring or lock it with the help of your Gmail account.

3. Plug a mouse

You can plug a mouse a wired or wireless in to your Android and it will start working.

4. Change all the icons to Pokémon

Your Android mobile has an icon pack that changes all the icons to poke balls.

5. USB floppy disk drive

You can connect a USB floppy disk drive with your Android phone.

6. Make your Android to work faster

With the assistance of an app, you can make your Android mobile faster.

7. Attach directly to a video game controller

With the help of the app you can attach the Android directly to a video game controller.

8. Control a drone

With the help of your Android phone, you can control a drone, even your tech friends don’t know.

9. Scan barcodes

With the help of the camera in your Android phone. Turn it to a barcode scanner and you will be able to check the barcode of a product.

10. Control an LED light

With the help of Android phone, you can able to control an LED light in your home.

11. Fitness tracker

Your Android phone has inbuilt sensors and bits of circuitry. This helps in tracking of your walking, running, and other activities.

The Android phone does wonderful things and a perfect companion. Get an Android mobile and learn new tricks.

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