Basic Lawn Care Tips

Basic Lawn Care Tips
Basic Lawn Care Tips

An attractive function of having a house or a apartment is the freedom to have a wonderful green garden. Once the ground is set and the plant seeds are placed, the step that follows next can be a bit confusing to someone who has not had much experience with managing lawn. Here, we talk about five simple tips for better Lawn Care.

Basic Lawn Care Tips

Water Your Lawn Adequately

Everyday there is no need to turn on the water sprinkler tap, as this type of superficial watering will only lead to the growth of discolored runners along the outer lining, consequently damaging your lawn’s greenery. Schedule for a weekly watering.

Fertilize Your Lawn Regularly

If you don’t fertilize your garden, you’re starving it of nourishment. Fertilizing your garden twice in a year, once during springtime and once during fall, is the right thing to do. Instead of choosing for the common nitrogen-phosphate-potassium (NPK) manure, you can use plant fertilizers that contain copper, sulfur, and metal, for better soil nourishment.

Don’t Mow Your Lawn Deeply

While cutting your garden, keep in mind that you must not give it a close cut. Take out only one-third of the grass from the top. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to set your lawn mowers to the best level. The taller garden lawn is recommended, as it creates a stronger root hold, and shades the ground to avoid it from dehydrating.

Eliminate Weeds Weekly

Weeds increasing in your garden can turn out to be dangerous to the health of the garden. Frequent De-weeding is essential. But, based upon completely on weed killers to accomplish this has side-effects.

Enhance Air Supply To The Ground

Ensure that the grass growing in your garden is not too firmly loaded together. Otherwise, air and nutrients will not get to the floor. Frequent aeration, for example, is a good strategy.

image source – The Spruce

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