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How to Dry Nail Polish Quickly

No one wants to wait around for nail polish to dry. There are lots of gossips of ways to get the polish to dry more easily, but which actually work? These are the best quick-drying nail polish tips presented by many beauticians. Feeling scientific?

Take a look at the chemistry behind quick-dry methods and learn which actually work.

Ways to Dry Nail Polish Quickly

Dry Nail Polish Quickly

Cooking spray:  It appears to be unusual but cooking spray will actually help your nails to dry more easily — also help hydrate your fingers!

Dip in Ice Water: Dip your fingertips into an ice shower. The awesome water heat range will act as a top cover and set your nail color.

Air duster: Air duster  immediately enables you to dry your nails since the fluid inside is endothermic (meaning it takes up heat) and produces a cooling spray . Apply it to your fingertips after you’re done painting.

Hair dryer:  Rather than regularly ruining on nails to dry, using a locks clothing dryer will help your breathing and time. Just remember to use your strike dyer on its best establishing and not too close to your nails.

Freezer: This may seem extreme, but it does work! If you’re really in a hurry, you could basically place your hands into your freezer for a couple of moments and the low heat range will help your nails dry more easily.

Thin it out: Instead of putting on one or two layers of dense polish, apply three extremely slim layers, and let each dry for a few minutes before you part on the next. It might seem like it slows down your nail cutting, but it actually makes overall drying time considerably quicker.

Top it off: Using a quick-dry topcoat is always smart because it allows maintain everything set up and defends your polish. The only warning is that the still-liquid polish beneath can move around, causing ripples or lumps, so don’t treat it as a cure-all.

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