21 Uses Of Coconut Oil That Nobody Told You

Uses Of Coconut Oil That Nobody Told You
Uses Of Coconut Oil That Nobody Told You

Coconut is one of the useful oil that is readily available in the open market at an affordable and reasonable price. There are many uses of coconut oil apart from using it for cooking and apply on hair. Just read below to get surprised with its uses.

21 uses of coconut oil

  1. It can be used to get rid of cradle cap on baby, do message into head then leave for few minutes and rinse gently with warm cloth.
  2. To help sooth the itch of poison ivy or chicken pox.
  3. During pregnancy, to help avoid stretch marks.
  4. Helps in speedy recovery from UTIs.
  5. It helps to heal sunburn.
  6. It helps to sooth eczema or psoriasis.
  7. When used topically, it can help reduce appearance of varicose veins.
  8. Oil pulling with a drop of oregano oil and coconut oil helps improve gum health
  9. It helps to avoid chlorine exposure when swimming.
  10. It can be rubbed daily into scalp in order to stimulate hair growth.
  11. Daily, rub into elbows to assist alleviate dry and flaky elbows.
  12. It makes an eye-makeup excellent remover on its own.
  13. It can be used to season cast iron skillets.
  14. Add a couple drops of coconut oil with favorite essential oil in order to make delicious massage oil.
  15. It can be mixed with salt in order to remove dry skin on feet.
  16. Added to smoothies or foods daily for energy.
  17. On the skin, it may help lighten age spots when directly rubbed.
  18. It has been shown to increase absorption of magnesium and calcium.
  19. A tiny dab rubbed on your hands plus then through hair makes a great anti-frizz treatment.
  20. It can be used as an incredibly intensive natural conditioner.
  21. It is used in natural homemade diaper cream.

Coconut oil must always be an integral part of your kitchen. You can use it in your various needs and requirement in time of uses without any hesitation when you have understood its immense value.

image source – organic facts

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