Effective Home Remedies For Skin Care In Summer

Effective Home Remedies For Skin Care In Summer
Effective Home Remedies For Skin Care In Summer

It’s summer again and the heat and the sweat are the leading cause of making your skin go tanned and so imperfect with the extra oil depositing in the face areas. The oily patches are seen when you move outside during the day. Summer means to give extra precautions for oily and sensitive skins!

In north India, summers are really very humid and hot which makes the skin go burnt and tanned in few seconds. The sweat coming out of the pores and oil glands causes wrinkles, pimples, acnes and dark spots. You feel extra worried about your look in this time.

Effective Home Remedies For Skin Care In Summer

1. The first thing is that you should drink enough water to supplement your skin with the extra moisture and hydration your skin yearns for.

2. Apply cucumber and curd mixed as paste as face pack whenever you come back from the sunrays. This will keep your skin glowing and get rid of the tanned effect.

3. Use sunscreen more than 3o SPF and aloe vera juice few minutes before you go out to protect your skin.

4. Carry umbrella, wear hat and sunglasses to avoid the scorching ultra-violet rays which are harmful and damaging for your skin.

5. Wash face with chilled water to make your skin refresh and cool and also wash the oil away.

6. Put besan and haldi mix paste as face pack ones in a week for preventing of ant pimples or dark spots to appear as it washes the extra oil easily.

7. Wear light colored cotton clothes which will give you the comfort and keep the heat away.

8. Use menthol, mint, lemon and cucumber based gel bar, soap, deodorant, powder for your skin which is relieving to be used in summer months due to the cooling and freshening effects in it.

Summers are really irritating for those who go out and work outside. But the above tips will be very helpful to tackle skin problems and will surely be effective to prevent the skin from getting damaged or appear dull. Just try them and you will be happy to fins your skin glowing and hydrated with no tanning or extra oil deposition.

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