How Often You Should Wash Bra – Commonly Asked Question

During our teenage days, whenever we read about Bra and anything related to it then we remember that time when one use to just flip magazine pages as that was, not at all interested but in 20’s most probably after marriage everyone loves reading about hygiene and bra related things a lot. As everyone washes clothes so you must know about how you should take ultimate care of your bra.

How Often You Should Wash Bra – Commonly Asked Question

Here are some points, you should know when you Wash Bra:

You must wash your bra regularly and never forget to wash bra after you wear it twice or max thrice. Bra is not like your jeans that you can wear it throughout the week and then wash it.

Due to tropical climate and due to body oil deposits in bra, we advice you to wash after every use.

If you are fitness freak and do exercise then once you finish off then do wash your bra.

If you are out and you can’t wash your bras then do dry it overnight outside.

Always soak bra in cold water and never use hot water. Take excess water and then soak your bra in that water and once it’s nicely soaked then drain excess water and dry it in air.

Never use detergents on bra as they contain harsh chemicals which will bring down longevity of the fabric.

If your bra is very dirty then you can use soft detergents and wash your bra with hands.

Never wash your bra in washer or leave it in dryer along with other garments.

If you can’t wash your bra with hands then use “lingerie mash bag” and then with light load, wash your bra in washing machine.

Never use bleach for your bra.

Never use bra for more than 6 months as it loses fittings and are not comfortable at all.

Hey girls, I hope you must have enjoyed reading this post. Do comment and let me know if you have any questions related to bra or its wash process.

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