How To Tackle and Avoid Motion Sickness With Kids While Traveling in Car?

Avoid Motion Sickness With Kids
Avoid Motion Sickness With Kids

Motion sickness happens when the brain receives mixed signals during movement. It is a very common disturbance of the inner ear that is caused by repeated motion such as movement of a car.

How To Tackle and Avoid Motion Sickness With Kids While Traveling in Car?

Signs and symptoms of motion sickness in children:

While older kids will be able to tell you if they are feeling queasy, but what about the little ones who are still figuring out how to express themselves? In such cases make sure you keep an eye out for these symptoms.

Cold sweat
Drooling or excessive saliva
Tummy ache

8 Things you can do to help your child tackle motion sickness:

Do not over feed your baby

If your child is feeling too full, it might cause him/her to feel nauseous. So ensure you give your child an easy to digest meal but just enough to satisfy his/her hunger.

Distract, distract and distract

If you feel like you are going to throw up, that is exactly what you shouldn’t be thinking about. You can encourage them to look out, play some game based on what you see and make a whole bonding session out of it. For the very little ones, calming music can help. Place their seat in the middle so that they can see the road.

Plan journey around his/her nap time

If you plan your journey during the child’s nap time, they may sleep through.

Avoid strong odors

Go easy on that perfume. A variety of things can trigger it. It could be your perfume or deodorant, smell of food, leather, or anything strong.

Ensure your kid is not hot

Keep the interiors of the vehicle cool. Make sure the child is wearing something comfortable.

Go easy on the brakes

Avoid any sudden braking and jerks. With our roads that can be a task, but remember our goal is a smooth drive.


If and only if you feel that your child’s condition is really worse, then there are medicines available. But use them only after you consult a doctor.

Be prepared for eventualities

Despite following these, there can be occasional hiccups. To tackle such emergencies ensure you are prepared.

Always carry the following with you while traveling.
-Plastic bag/ container
-Extra sets of clothes
-Wet wipes

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