Little Changes To Make For An Eco-Friendly Home! – #EnvironmentDay

Hey readers, on this World Environment day, I thought, let us do a post on how very small changes adopted by use can go a long way in caring for our our Environment. Nature loves us and provides us with  a lot, day-to-day, lifestyle changes can help us make our homes more eco-friendly and also save lots of money!! Let us read on about some practical and motivating habits to inculcate in ourselves and our family members, as well.

Little Changes To Make For An Eco-Friendly Home! – #EnvironmentDay


Replace the incandescent bulbs in your home with CFL fittings. In most cases, these produce better illumination and also help to save nearly 65 percent more energy.

Unplug the devices/appliances which are not in use instead of merely switching them off with a remote.

Open the blinds or curtains and even the Windows during the day-time to allow natural light to fill up your room, instead of switching on multiple tube lights or CFLs during the day.

When you are using your Air conditioner, maintain the temperature around 22 to 24 degrees instead of too low like 16 to 18 degrees. This saves energy and keeps your room comfortable enough to sit in.

Get your air conditioner serviced twice a year.A clean, dirt-free air conditioner reduces your electricity bill by 20 percent and saves some precious energy, too.

Keep your refrigerator in the part of the Kitchen where, it is shady.Sunlight falling on your fridge, forces it to work harder to keep the stuff cool.

Whenever, you buy a new appliance, make sure that it is energy-star qualified.

There should at least be a gap of 8 to 10 cm between the heat vent of your refrigerator and the wall behind to ensure proper dissipation of heat.

We, pollute the environment a lot by use of chemical and detergent based cleaning products.Read about various cleaning hacks with natural substances and you will know that things like: Lemon juice, Baking Soda, White vinegar are some of the best household cleaning products that are easy on the environment, as well as, your pocket!

Air dry your clothes, dishes and hair instead of using dryers and wasting energy!!

Aerosols and CFCs are responsible for punching multiple holes in the Ozone layer of our atmosphere.Limit the use of aerosol sprays and canned deos. Instead, rely on talc and essential oils to keep yourself smelling fresh and pleasant.

Incorporate indoor plants in all your rooms to make the air cleaner.Do not waste water.Use a bucket instead of shower while bathing and stick to one bathe per day.

Also, run your washing machine only when you have a full load of laundry instead of using it every day for just a pair of tee shirts and a denim.

Get those leaky taps fixed and avoid water from being wasted.

Do not keep the tap running while shaving or brushing your teeth.

To do your laundry, use lukewarm water that is at a temperature of approx 30 degrees celsius instead of using hot water.

Every drop counts, folks so, even if you make it a point to adopt at least ten of these habits, each one of us, will be one step closer to making our planet a better place, to live in!

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