Yoga for Constipation: 4 Asanas to Help You Out!

Yoga for Constipation
Yoga for Constipation

Are you facing the same problem of stomach pain, headaches and difficulty in passing stools every day? Here is a quick and healthy solution for your constipation problems. The common trouble has different forms in our life; however the consequences are the same. Four simple asanas can give you relief from your everyday problem.

Yoga for Constipation

Stretched Child’s Pose

Kneel on knees and touch it.

Your bottom should tough your feet and place your hands on knees.

Next, touch your feet with your hands. Stomach should be on the knees.

Take deep breaths, inhale and exhale slowly. Hold the breath for 30 secs and relax.

Slowly get back to the original position.

Pose for wind relief

Lie on a flat surface, stretch out your legs and relax your arms sideways.

Tilt the pelvis so that tailbone and spine touches the floor.

Bring the right knee to your chest.

Place both your hands on the knee, one on top of another.

Next, pull the shin near to the stomach so that you can release unwanted gas.

Hold the point for 30 secs and continue with the other leg.

Garland pose

Squat down on your feet with pigeon-toed.

Heels must be placed on the floor.

Keep a distance between your thighs and lean forward.

Hold your hand like the prayer position and then push them against the knees.

Breathe gently while you hold on to the position for 30 secs.

Chair pose

Stand with your arms at your side and feet together.

Next, stand in a prayer pose with arms stretched over head.

Lean frontward and keep your hands beside yours ear’s sideways.

Tilt the pelvis bone and form a hollow in your abdomen.

Hold on to the position for the next 30 secs and breathe normally until regaining the normal position.

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