Press These Points on Your Baby’s Feet to Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

There are several beliefs in this world, which millions believe and vouch that they work but when you ask them why it works, they don’t have an answer. Reflexology is one of those beliefs. This science speaks of energy or life force that flows inside the body in different channels. Reflexologists believe that when these energy channels get blocked, it manifests in the form of pains, discomfort, and abnormalities in the body. However, this zone therapy clears these blockages by applying just the right amount of pressure on certain parts of the feet and hands.

Reflexology experts say that babies are even more receptive of this therapy because all it takes is a gentle touch on the foot and hand to remove the blockage. If you have tried everything to pacify your baby and he still seems uncomfortable depriving himself and you of sleep, try massaging on these 5 points on your baby’s feet to make him stop crying immediately.

Press These Points on Your Baby’s Feet to Make Them Stop Crying Immediately

baby’s feet

Head Reflex

The zones on the foot that correspond to baby’s head and their teeth are the big toes. If your little one is in that teething age and is finding the process uncomfortable, you are sure to be as restless and anxious as your baby is. To relieve that discomfort gently massage or press the balls of the big toes of either foot. If the toe is way too tiny, pressing them with your little finger would be apt.

Spinal Reflex

If you look at that side of the foot with the big toe, you realize that the sides starting from the tip of the toe to the end of the heel look like an arch. This represents the spine and the neck. Start from the tip of the big toe and slowly move down till you reach the heel. Feel every point, specifically, at the point where the foot begins to arch.

Pelvic Hold

The heel is what represents the pelvis in foot reflexology. Since infancy and babyhood are periods of fast growth, babies may experience pain in the hips or encounter posture-related problems. If you think, this is causing distress in your child, pick their heel in your hands and hold it. Do not panic if you find the baby wobbling but just see to it that you hold the feet in such a way that the baby doesn’t lose his balance.

Bowel Sweep

One of the most common reasons that can potentially make a baby cry excessively for hours together particularly during night time is the gas trapped in the tummy. The best way to heal this infantile colic is to perform this bowel sweep. Use your index or other fingers instead of the thumb to keep it gentle. Start from one end to the other and swipe across the middle of each foot. You could also apply mild pressure in that area with your finger.

Solar Plexus Hold

The area just below the ball of the foot represents the abdomen of the child. To ease the baby’s abdominal discomfort slightly apply pressure in that area with your thumb. If you find your baby stressful, calm him down by massaging on that point below the ball of the foot right under the 3d toe. You will find his anxiety and stress reduce and will soon fall asleep.

The next time your baby is crying, and you have tried everything else to pacify, try massaging these points and tell me if your baby fell asleep immediately or not.

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