Top 15 Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips
Energy Saving Tips

If you wish to save the earth, then simply start saving energy in your home by following the top energy-saving tips.

Energy-Saving Tips

Check the fans

Switch the ceiling fan in counter-clockwise and clockwise directions in summer and winters respectively.

Explore Ac’s secrets

Give AC tune-up and install a programmable thermostat.

Summer tricks

Close exterior windows and doors tightly. Block sunlight via drapes, blinds and shades in summer.

Winter tricks

Insulate the walls. Repair leaking ducts and check household leakages i.e. fireplace dampers. Shut unused air vents.

Follow right heating measures

Cover bare floors with rugs or carpets. Limit portable heaters. Heat home via sunrays.

Beware of thermostat

Lower the thermostat temperature to minimum, preferably close to the temperature outside.

Be more conscious of your bulbs

Buy bulbs at lower price. Replace standard and halogen bulbs with CFL or Compact fluorescent light bulbs. Adopt motion-detector lights for outdoors.

Must do’s  for appliances

Use microwaves to warm leftovers. Set the refrigerator temperature and repair its door seals. Keep freezer full. Select energy efficient appliances. Set dishwasher to economy mode.

Saving tips in cooking

Grill more often. Utilize copper-bottomed vessels. Go for tight-fitting covers for your pans and pots. Match the size of your pot to the burner size.

Save on water heating

Always try to wash with cold water. Install a timer on the water heater. Insulate the cold and hot water pipes.

Additional measures for you

Go for a solar water heater. Ensure to on fully-loaded washing machine. Shorten showers and install aerating shower heads.

Saving energy via electronics

Plug them into power strips. Opt a laptop and set a computer to hibernate or sleep mode. Unplug battery chargers when unused.

Energy stars save energy

Opt for television systems that are Energy Star qualified.

Choosing energy efficient windows

Install certified high performance windows and eliminate the hot spots.

Roofing vitalities

Reduce AC strain via reflective coating. Choose reflective roofs with the Energy Star label.

All these tips are bound to make a great saving on your energy bills.

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