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The Ultimate Makeup Routine Is Here

Everyone needs a five-minute makeup routine. Even if you’re the type to use a full face every day, it still values your while to build up something you can do quick, just in case. Not only that, but a smaller routine is perfect for noon touch-ups or for those minutes when you want to conversion your cosmetics from your day look to your evening look.

Makeup Routine

Ultimate Makeup Routine

Here’s some information on what every five-minute routine should consist of.

Step 1: Moisturize. Apply moisturiser. Preferably, you need at least 15 minutes to allow the moisturiser to set evidently area. But if you don’t have the high-class of your time, it is still better to moisturize than abandon this important phase.

Step 2: Base. Apply your foundation and mix it equally. If you are relaxed using a big sponge or cloth, then use it. The main issue with sponges though is that they keep represents and lines on the skin that you might skip, especially if you are in a rush. So you may also want to try using a basis sweep, which resolves the issue of sponge or cloth represents because it applies foundation equally.

Step 3: Blush up. Apply your blush on the cheek balls and blend. For best and quick outcomes, use powdered blushes rather than lotion ones.

Step 4: Focus on your sight. Take your never-go-wrong eyes shadow color and arrange it on your eyes. Apply gently so it is very simple to combine. Then put on your eye liner, following the shape of your eyes. Don’t effort any modification at this point. Leave trial eye liner application for some other day when you have a longer period.

Step 5: Pucker up. Use a lip brush to make use of lipstick equally and faster.

Step 6: Powder. Lightly apply powdered on your T-zone-that area that creates the most amount of face oil.

Step 7: Lastly, do a once-over to see if you need more color on the face. Apply the light layer of blush if required, mix it equally and you’re good to go!

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