Weight Loss Tips from Someone Who Lost 15 KGS in a Month

Weight Loss Tips from Someone Who Lost 15 KGS in a Month
Weight Loss Tips from Someone Who Lost 15 KGS in a Month

Worried about overweight; don’t worry; you can shed the weight like many others. Just follow the program in true spirits. Anything is possible, what matters is your determination. There are many trusted methods to shed weight such as diet, workouts, curbing appetite for junk foods.

Here are some weight loss tips to achieve your goal.

Keep yourself busy

Don’t remain idle, do something that brings out sweating. Curb your cravings for more.

Load your fridge with vegetables

Keep saviors and desserts for special days only, take only in limited amount. Instead load your fridge with green vegetables, fruits, sugar free juices, and salads. Use multi-grain bread instead of bread.

Go for chicken

Say a big o red meat. But, choose white meat varieties like turkey, prawns, fish, and chicken.

Kick soda out

Opt for digestive sodas. Don’t take diet soda as it will derail your goal.

Kick out laziness

Join a gym and do rigorous work-outs.  Cardio program is best. If you have a busy work schedule opt for 90 minutes brisk walking in the morning and 30 minutes of walking before retiring to bed.

Mingle with others

If you are on weight loss program have a company with your friend. They will remind you about the program, makes you to avoid fabs and carbs, and on its amount.

Go for black coffee

Like filter coffee, limit it to one cup per day. Instead take green tea, lemon tea, or herbal tea. Also cut the sugar amount.

Avoid junk foods

Curb your appetite for junk and fried foods.

Diet plan

The following diet plan help in reaching your goal. Follow the diet plan for 4 weeks.

Week 1 full of fruits


Start with a banana, whole fruit, and fresh juice


Salad made from cucumber-tomato-carrot with a glass of fresh juice


Have an apple with green tea before 7 PM without sugar

The above explained program is not a medical advice. The results may vary. Kindly consult your medical practitioner before starting the program.

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