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The Woods Restaurant: The Jungle Themed Restaurant in Nainital

The Woods restaurant is a fine dining restaurant located within the Hotel Alka in Nainital. Alka Hotel provides one of the best luxury accommodations in Nainital. Woods restaurant offers multiple cuisines including: Indian, Continental, Chinese and exclusive Gujarati dishes, as well.

The first and the most striking feature of the Woods restaurant is the way it’s interiors have been done. The restaurant is themed like a jungle. The forest light decor, creeper plants and dim lighting of the woods restaurant delights you with the sheer novelty and uniqueness. This thematic restaurant is fully furnished in Wood and even has some animal figurines and paintings, almost life size!! I found the tree-like pillars really attractive.Other fun features include the tikki masks,cute gorilla sculptures, the giant Tiger which adorns the wall very interesting!!

The Woods Restaurant: The Jungle Themed Restaurant in Nainital.

The Woods restaurant is a themed restaurant which offers yummy food in an exquisite ambiance. The jungle themed restaurant has a unique entrance door and beautiful indoors. The couches are comfortable with lots of faux bushes and real as well as faux plants all around to give the place a jungle like feel. The restaurant is managed by a well trained team. The management is attentive and courteous.

Let us now talk about what all we ordered…

For starters, we had Paneer Tikka and Veg Corn Soup.

Paneer Tikka was prepared in a grill with a balanced flavour of spices.

The main course, included: Dum Aaloo, mix vegetables,Arhar ki Daal and mix raita. For breads, we ordered butter Naan.

The quantity of each vegetable was sufficient for two or three people to have.Butter naans were soft and fresh and accomplished with Veg Salad.

We also ordered french fries for my son – Yuvraj.

The desserts, included:fruit cream and Shahi toast.

The desserts were not sweet in excess.Fruit cream was nicely textured with fresh fruits.

All the preparations were served in style and with utmost care.The presentation as well as preparation was good and tasted delicious and had been made using ingredients and aromatics.

So, if you are bored of regular restaurants and want to try something different in terms of the ambiance, you will love this place.

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