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Top 7 Sweet Shop in Kanpur

Top 7 Sweet Shop in Kanpur
Top 7 Sweet Shop in Kanpur

Are you a sweet lover? Are you aware of the specialty of Kanpur sweets? If yes is the answer then here are the top 7 sweet shops in Kanpur.

Top 7 Sweet Shop in Kanpur

Thaggu Ke Laddu is located in Mall road is one of the finest sweets shop in the city of Kanpur. It is regarded as the sweet pride of Kanpur. Its wide variety of laddoos and that which is made of dry fruits is instant hit among foodies. The price of laddoos and other popular and traditional sweets are reasonable and affordable.

Banarsi Mishthan Bhandar is located in General Ganj. This particular sweet shop is famous for its tasty ladoos and regional sweets made with extra care.  Its Motichoor laddoo’s and other special ladoos are runaway hit among its long list of domestic and foreign customers.

Mithas Sweets is located at Swaroop Nagar. This particular sweet shop is very famous among local residents and visitors of Kanpur.  Its long list of sweets and food items in the menu will really surprise foodies.

Pandit is located in Tagore road.  It is a leading restaurant of Kanpur with special counter for a wide variety of sweets for casual and festivals occasion.  It is the right place for purchasing sweets as gifts for family members, friends and colleagues.

Budhsen Sweet House is located in General Ganj. It is one of the most sought after sweet house of Kanpur by locals and visitors. It is the right place to order in bulk for grand occasions and events of personal and professional life with lot of perfection.

Ram Misthan Bhandar is located at Jawahar Nagar.  It is the best place to purchase special Peda, Special Kaju Barfi, Special Laddu and other famous Sweets in Kanpur. It comes with hygienic kitchen and specious counter that gives the best sweet shopping experience to its esteemed existing and potential customers.

Tiwari Sweet House is located in General Gunj. It is one of the sweet shops of Kanpur that indulges in selling sweet from ages. This particular sweet shop is known for its traditional sweet of Kanpur and its surrounding regions.

With Kanpur sweets, you can add the extra sweetness in all casual and festive occasion and events of personal and professional life.

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