11 Dusting Tricks That Will Make Your Home Shine

11 Dusting Tricks That Will Make Your Home Shine
11 Dusting Tricks That Will Make Your Home Shine

11 Dusting Tricks That Will Make Your Home Shine

Dusting of home is no less than a pain, and I know most of hate it. But dusting if done with smartness can not just save our time and energy, but will also make our home look awesome. Therefore, it is amazing to explore some vital tools have made dusting a very easy task at home.

Hence, here are 11 dusting tricks that will make your home shine and also will save your time and energy.

  1. Baby wipes

It’s unbelievably true – some mildly soiled baby wipes can be reused after laundering as dust cloth. Thus, they can be used to clean keyboards and remove the junks build under the keys.

  1. Fabric softener

To clean dust from the television screen and other essential plastic surfaces the fabric softeners are best. Hence, just 1 part softener is to be mixed with 4 parts water and used for cleaning.

  1. Dry softener sheet

Television and computer screens can be cleaned with dry softener sheets to minimize static cling. Therefore, it can as well be used to clean Venetian blinds.

  1. Fabric glove

`A spider-web filled chandelier can be dusted by soaking few fabric gloves effectively in window cleaner liquid and slipping them on it.

  1. Oven mitt

It is great for polishing and dusting home. One side of the old oven mitt can be used to apply the polish and the other side can polish it up.

  1. Paint brush

This is best to dust the window screens. Simply, take a brush and dip it in a little kerosene and paint the screen’s sides.

  1. Pantyhose

Dusting baking pans are viable with pantyhose, as dust will cling to nylon which is easily washable.

  1. Pillowcase

Yes, grabbing an old pillowcase and cleaning the blades of a ceiling fan is simply irresistible, as the dust particles stay in pillowcase instead of diffusing to the floor.

  1. Socks

Old socks can be used to clean the dusts from your gadgets. So, just some dusting sprays on your socks and see the wonder.

  1. Squirt bottle

An empty and clean squirt bottle could be used to dust the corners of the picture frames. Also, backside of the TV unit and music system.

  1. Toothpicks

To be free of cobwebs and grime in crevices that are hard to reach, dipping a toothpick in little alcohol and running it in the area can do the magic. Hence, this trick is a must try!

Therefore, simple dusting tricks will surely change your life and home of-course!

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