7 Best SUVs Under 15 Lakh In India

7 Best SUVs Under 15 Lakh In India
7 Best SUVs Under 15 Lakh In India

SUVs have always been a favourite among the Indians. When you own an SUV, you are sure to feel yourself at the top of the world sitting inside the car like a king. Though there are lots of expensive SUVs available in Indian market but at times, we need to think of our budget to. So, here are a sneak peak of some dashing SUVs that come under 15 lakhs in India.

7 Best SUVs under 15 Lakh in India

Tata Hexa:

This grand SUV “Hexa” costs around 10.5 to 13 lakhs. It has a power of 154 bhp and a 400 Nm Torque, all of which is sported with a 2.2 L Varicor 400 Diesel type engine.

Maruti Ignis:

With both types of engines on the track, there shall be two versions of Maruti Ignis available from early of 2017. The estimated cost of this car is 5-7 lakhs only. Can you beat that?

Tata Nexon:

This car is all set to launch by early in the year 2017. It will have both types of engines in the run. The estimated price of Tata Nexon is about 7- 10 lakhs.

Hyundai Carlino [HND – 14]:

Available in diesel and petrol versions, this car is expected to be launched at the end of 2017. This car possesses an estimated mileage of 18 kpl – 25 kpl. This is also priced at about 7 – 10 lakhs.

SSangyong Tivoli:

This car “Tivoli” has a 6- speed Automatic or else a 6- speed manual transmission that makes it really smart. This is to be launched by the middle of 2017. This is priced at 12 – 16 lakhs.

Renault Kaptur:

This car is an amazing craft that is to be priced at 10 – 13 lakhs. You can expect the Renault Kaptur by the end of 2017.

Maruti Vitara Brezza:

This is a car for a lifetime and is already bought by a lot of car lovers in India. This is priced at 6.99 – 9.54 lakhs. Now that is really a budget friendly SUV.

SUV reflects your robust attitude and the way you do things. SUVs are undoubtedly cars meant to be owned by leaders.

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