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7 Secrets To Make Your Makeup Stay All Day During Monsoon

Monsoon has finally arrived. Apart from lengthy drives, coffee and hot-dip hitting snacks, monsoon also comes with the worry of your cosmetics getting washed away. With some slight changes in your cosmetics schedule, you can ensure that your cosmetics lasts long even when it is pouring. Here are 7 useful tips and tricks to create your cosmetics monsoon-proof.

Secrets To Make Your Makeup Stay All Day During Monsoon

monsoon makeup look


Wash the face thoroughly and then rub a piece of ice all over the face for about 5-10 min. Doing this decreases the risk of sweating from humidity and will also help the cosmetics stay for a long time.

Primer is the key

Be it any season, a primer is very necessary to create your cosmetics last. Since monsoon it is time, when you have the worry of your cosmetics getting pale, choose a primer according to your type of skin. A primer preps up your face and increases the look of your cosmetics.

Pick your items wisely

When buying cosmetics, look for labels which state that the product is long-lasting or transfer-resistant in the case of lipsticks. With much more staying –power than your average items, these treatments will look better for much more time.

Keep hands off your face

Avoid touching your face as bacteria and dirt from hands get used your face that will not only cause your skin to break out but will also damage your cosmetics.

Bid farewell to eyebrow powders

Use eyebrow pencils or creams for filling the eyebrows rather than eyebrow powders. Pencils and creams have frothy structure and stay on for many years than eyebrow powders.

Go Waterproof the Smart Way

Put on some volumising mascara before you go for the waterproof one to reduce damage. Also, ensure that you moisturize your eyelids with enough moisturizer before you use the waterproof liner.

Seal The Look!

The last and the most important in your cosmetics schedule during monsoons should be to use a good makeup spray. Just like a primer, a setting spray makes your cosmetics spill proof for a long time.

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