Ben Nevis: A Closer Look To The Nature

If you are a person with a wild heart and have within you an adventurous spirit, the Ben Nevis is an excellent place for you to go. Popular for its extraordinarily beautiful views and the panoramic landscapes, the beautiful and gorgeous Ben Nevis is one of the best attractions to go to with your family or friends and make memories which are going to last forever.


The glistening views of the glaciers around the nearing clouds, Ben Nevis seems to be touching the sky. Originally an active volcano, the mountain appears to be making its head in the clouds. The light colored granite will ignite within you the spirit of adventure and excitement with not only its views but the activities it offers. You can reach the mountain through the means of trekking as well as through cable cars according to your suitability. The organic flora in the grasslands around the peaks will mesmerize you with its beauty. You will be fortunate if you can spot a few migratory birds there which come to the peaks every year.

Things to do at Ben Nevis

Rock climbing and mountain cycling are the main activities to indulge in at Ben Nevis. One can definitely go for short walks in the city of Scotland. The walk will lead you to the wonderful Steall Falls going through the spectacular gorge. The Steall Falls itself is one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world. It is the second highest waterfalls located in the city of Scotland. The ruined yet worth a view castle known as the Old Inverlochy Castle is one of the most essential castles in the world. Its not in shape any more and doesn’t look like it used to when it was built, but still is very impressive and is worth to be visited at least once in a lifetime. Not to forget, there is a wide old military road which will take you straight to Fort William. The area is very beautiful and the walk is amazing.

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