The Best Fall Festivals From All Across The World

The months of October-November marks the change in season, in most parts of the World. Fall festivals are a must witness for their sheer granduer.Here is 10 festivals from around the World that are worth being a part of.

Fall Festivals From All Across The World

Mexico- Dia de los Muertos

This is a two-day festival that is celebrated as the day of the dead.While death is mourned in most of the counties, the Mexican have a theory that is worth considering.Birth and Death are very natural phenomenon and have to be accepted.The point behind this festival is remembering the friends and family members who departed and playing their favorite songs, dancing on their favourite tunes and eating what they loved the most.This is to cherish the time spent with them.

Deepawali Celebrated in India

People light lots of Diyas or Earthen lamps and distribute sweets on this day to celebrate  the return of their Deity shree Ram, from a 14 year long exile.Also, this day marks the victory of good over Evil.

Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – Albuquerque, N.M

If flying in a hot air balloon is your idea of romance, then you must visit this fall festival that is usually organized in the months of September or October.

Ganesh Utsav

This is celebrated during fall, in India for a stretch of 10 days.The festival is celebrated with most gala and glory in parts of Maharashtra.Huge idols of Lord Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva are installed in pandals. Aarti, offerings to god and food stalls are the highlights of the Utsav.

Pushkar Camel Festival

This is a cattle fair where buying and selling of livestock including cows, goats, Camels and Sheep happens.There are fun Camel races, Folk music, Folk dances, Tasty food and handicraft stalls, as well to make this festival really enjoyable.

Oktoberfest – Germany

This happens to be the World’s largest and more lavish Beer festival where in people enjoy drinking different varieties of Beer. Earlier, this festival included Horse races, too but now that has been stopped.A great place for booze-lovers.

Nuit Blanche – France

This festival celebrates the culture of Paris and While this festival is going on, the museums, clubs and Art Galleries of the city shall remain open, throughout the day and night.That too, free of cost for all the participants of the Nuit Blanche.

Battle of the Queens – Switzerland

This is the Bovine-Cow fighting event held in Switzerland, each year.The cow, who wins the tournament, is declared the Queen of the Herd and wins a special belt.

The Vegetarian festival in Thailand

This is a nine day long festival held in Thailand when, all the people are requested to abstain from consuming non-vegetarian food to please the Gods and achieve good health and Peace of mind.Body piercing, walking on hot coal etc are other highlights of the festival.

The Moon festival China

This festival is celebrated in China each year, around the mid of Eight Lunar month and celebrates the beauty of Full-moon and the harvesting of crops.Other highlights include: Dragon dance, Lion dances etc.

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